Tea Party Fringe Group Promotes Fortress Style Gated Community

citadel & patriot small

Now that the fringe of the Tea Party, preppers and others like them have realized that secession isn’t in the cards, they’re turning to plan B. This alternative plan is not as cool as an entire state, but it certainly sounds like every little boy’s dream. It’s a neighborhood that will be surrounded by walls to keep out liberals and the like…. It will be set up as its own neighborhood. But this is no Mr. Rogers neighborhood.

The III Citiadel will be built on a 20 acre piece of land that’s located in Benewah County, Idaho. An artist’s rendering shows the scale and depth of the plans for the extreme Tea Party patriot Shangri-La. There are three planned residential areas, schools, greenspace, and even a (firearms) museum. There’s a town square, a farmer’s market, and an amphitheater. The plan boasts an arms factory so you won’t have to leave the security and assuredly tightly controlled lifestyle afforded by the “gated” community. The community will be surrounded by several towers and a curtain wall. There will also be a series of three walls so as to protect you from invading government agents.

This exclusive community does have some pretty hefty prerequisites before you’re allowed to claim your piece of land in the American Redoubt. There is a list of requirements that applicants must agree to before being considered. Many of the tenets listed include the proficient use of firearms, but not everything listed is of a serious nature. Once a Patriot reaches their 13th birthday, they’ll have the Citadel equivalent of a bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. This coming of age celebration can be achieved once a minimal level of marksmanship is reached. There is also a celebration each April 19th to celebrate Patriot’s Day.

While this all sounds well and good, one must wonder what the locals think of this. While most seem to agree in concept why someone would want to move to this remote corner of Idaho, they don’t seem to be happy about a whole group of people would want to or need to build this type of triple walled commune. A peek into how this idea might be perceived can be seen on post on the Facebook page of a local newspaper, the St Maries Gazette Record

I sat down and read the website of the III arms citadel that has bought 20 acres (hoping on buying more) outside St.Maries off of cherry creek and alder creek. I have to say i do NOT approve! They say they dont plan on impeding on the town yet they want to flood it with tourism! Why do you have to wall around your community if your wanting to be accepted? Paved roads would have to be put in which mean more maintenance. Alot of hunting ground will be gone not to mention with 3000-7000 new gun toting residents the game is going to be harder to obtain for those of us who survive on it and dont hunt for a sport. Most of us here have weapons and exercise our rights without so much as a fence around our property. Which is why you probably are attracted to own beautiful piece of paradise. But dont piss down my back and tell me its raining! This will greatly impact our community and not in a positive way!

One comment posted on the newspaper’s website states:

People worry about losing gun rights this citadel thing is just the kind of situation that threatens our gun rights. Let’s call it what it really is – it’s a cult and it attracts nut cases.

Still others who are seem to like the idea, but have concerns. The biggest concern they have is the cost. A lot of people who make comments on their Facebook page are concerned about having the pay a fee of over $200 just for the application. Others see larger issues like being able to find a job that would pay enough to pay for the house that’s being built. Those who run the page assure those people that the arms factory will be enough to bring in enough money to the local economy that other businesses will sprout up. Wait, there it is again…an arms factory? Yes, that is the main industry that this preplanned post-apocalypse community is touting. I’m not a planning expert, but I would think that one would need some pretty extensive government permission to build and run an arms factory.

I suppose with every pipe dream there are glitches. Well, who am I to say? Maybe their dream will come true, and they’ll have so many tourists feeding their coffers that they’ll be able to add something for people who want to visit but don’t want to stay – a Tea Party theme park. Hezbollah has one. Why can’t the Tea Party?


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