UPDATE: Florida Man Has License Reinstated, Fraud Charges Dropped


The power of social media seems to have won for love once again. I wrote yesterday about a Florida man who found himself in quite a predicament. Lazaro Dinh, previously known as Lazaro Sopena, was married about a year when he received notice from the Florida DMV that his license would be suspended, and that he was being charged with fraud. The reason for the suspension and charge fraud weren’t connected with his driving. Instead, the steps were taken because he dared challenge the notion that men should be able to change their names when they get married, just the same as when a women does.

At a recent hearing with the Florida DMV, Dinh argued that he didn’t make the change for purposes of fraud, but instead he did it for love. He changed his name from Sopena to Dinh. His wife’s family didn’t have any males in the family to carry on the name, so he wanted to show his love for his wife and her family by adopting the name when he got married. The DMV ruled against him, and let the suspension and fraud charges remain.

It seems that there’s been a change of heart since then, at least on the part of the Florida DMV. Officials at the DMV admitted that it was a mistake. Dinh would have his driving privileges reinstated, and the fraud charges would be dropped. It seems Florida DMV officials realized that they didn’t want to be taken to court like the DMV was in California for a similar case. Love really does win out!

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