‘To This Day’ – The Lasting Effects Of Bullying (Video)

Some of the most beautiful work is created by people who suffered from bullying as kids. Such is the case of a viral video by poet Shane Koyczan. He makes real what many of us experienced in childhood. He shows that we’re not the only ones who were never able to ‘get over it’. While that pain can bring about beauty, it doesn’t mean that we should dismiss the pain behind it nor the person who experienced it. We should love the art and the artist.

Were you bullied? Do you still feel the effects as an adult? If you want to help with Shane’s project, you can find more information here. And if you still feel the sting, which many of us do at times, be sure to get help for it. Hiding the pain doesn’t make it go away. Find a good counselor. Talk about it. Acknowledge it. It does get better.

If you’d like to learn more about Shane’s project, you can get more information here.

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